About us

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Marl House and its Apartments are owned by Helen & Richard. They have three children; Becky 17, Caitlin 2 and Darcie 1. They are outdoorsy people who enjoy horses, the New Forest, tennis and generally keeping busy running their 11 acre home and beautiful apartments. Richard has a busy job and Helen works part time from home. Life is very full looking after their menagerie of animals too.

Their guests adore the two working Cocker Spaniels Mocha and Margaux and the dogs LOVE nothing more than to go for a yomp through the forest with the guests. Keith Richards the Cat usually keeps a low profile but still likes to snuggle down in his bed close to the guest apartments. The ducks Prosceco, Poppadom, Priscilla and Penelope are usually heard before they are seen and you will often see little Caitlin enjoying a ride on Chelsea with Cream Cracker looking on whilst chomping on hay. Helen likes to sneak in a ride on Prince Charming whenever time allows!

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